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The correct understanding of luminescent [glow in the dark ] Luminous products

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Updatezeit : 2015-03-04 20:57:18

 The correct understanding of luminescent [glow in the dark ] Luminous products like the stars in the night sky is mysterious and full of charm, can we have a correct knowing for brightness and characteristics of luminous products? In fact, the brightness is a standard of certain calculated, luminance unit is "cd/m2 (Candela per square metre)", through the contrast table, the brightness of luminous products we can have more specific knowledge: Comparison of the midday sun during the day and night lighting project indoor luminous products Compare items Midday sunlight Day light indoor Night lights indoor Luminous products after 10mines Intensity cd/m2) 10000~100000 1000~5000 100~1000 <20 Luminous product itself does not have a strong light, but the funny thing is, in the excitation light source to stop into the dark moment, its brightness is extremely high, at about 10 minutes later, the brightness will drop to 0.1-0.05 cd/m2, in 1 hours after will become very weak. There will be a longer Decay time. If kept in the dark state, because human eyes in the weakest dark conditions can be observed as the brightness of the light is 0.00032 cd/m?, luminous products generally require about 10 hours will be attenuated below this brightness, therefore, the need for some caution light degree of label in the night, this characteristic is completely meet the application.. so the luminous products are widely used in the glass, fabric, glazed, plastic, paint etc. The luminous sign, luminous fabric and thread, luminous cobblestone, luminous gravel, luminous ceramic tile, luminous mosaics. Luminous film and luminous rigid board etc.

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